Our Alternate Paper Lantern Shapes

24/07/2017 New Products,

Paper Lanterns UK is the leading paper lanterns retailer in the UK with a long-standing relationship with customers both in the UK and overseas. Whilst we are well-known for our colourful round paper lanterns in a wide range of sizes, we also specialise in a range of shaped lanterns which suit different interior styles. The majority of the shaped lanterns come in white but there are ivory Saturn shaped and the stars come in three colours.


Here are details of the different shapes:


Our 12” diameter Kawaii paper lantern is a gentle oval. Kawaii means cute or charming in Japanese. I think you’ll agree that’s an apt description for this lantern.



The Pyramid lantern is an unusual shape. Just 8” across the base and 14” in height, it makes the perfect lampshade for a narrow space such as a hallway.



The Saturn shape harks back to the 1960s and everything ‘Space Age’. We stock 16” and 24” diameter lanterns with the 16” coming in ivory as well as white. For a venue there is a pack of twelve 16” white Saturn paper lanterns which are great value for money.



Our Star shaped lanterns come in three colours – white, silver and gold – and in two sizes, 12” and 24”. We think these make the perfect decoration for a themed party and are a change from the round lanterns.



One of the loveliest shapes is the Conical lantern which comes in white and is 15” in diameter. It would make a great addition to an oriental themed room or event.



Finally there are the Teardrop lanterns which come singly or in packs of 12. They are 10” in diameter and 12” in height and provide a more feminine style to a room.



As you can see from these shapes, Paper Lanterns UK aims to provide you with both choice and value for money offering useful party packs for the most popular shapes. Handles carefully they can be used for events and parties again and again.