Paper Lanterns – the perfect decoration for Corporate Events

20/03/2017 Corporate Events,

Corporate events come in shapes and sizes, from small exhibitions held in colleges and hotels right up to enormous tradeshows at venues such as the ExCel, Alexandra Palace or the Barbican. Trying to make these vast spaces look exciting and inviting is the role of the event planners and their team of décor specialists.


Paper lanterns make the perfect way of personalising these vast public spaces as they take up no floor space which, of course, is at a premium at many of these events.


Our paper lanterns make an instant impact as we have so many colours to choose from. Mix and match your colour scheme by selecting zingy, vibrant reds and oranges or keep it cool with shades of mint, arctic blue and pink. The choice is vast.


Here is a photo of our lanterns at an event held at Tobacco Dock organised by London Warehouse Events



White paper lanterns in an array of shapes


Our white lanterns come in a range of different shapes:

  • Conical
  • Kawaii
  • Pyramid
  • Round
  • Saturn
  • Start, and
  • Teardrop

These range in diameter from 8” right up to the mega-round 48” which goes a long way to filling an otherwise dull ceiling. Link.


The other advantage of choosing paper lanterns for corporate events is that they are an affordable option as if handled with care they may be reused. Add to your collection of lanterns for each event.


Easy to light, easy to hang


You can also consider whether they are to be lit with our battery powered LED lights.


Furthermore, hanging the paper lanterns at different heights add further interest. They are easy to install on most ceiling as they are lightweight and can be hung using fine, nylon hanging wire.


So, if you are holding a major corporate event please feel free to get in touch, as we are very happy to provide you with advice and design options appropriate to your particular venue and theme.