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Our paper lanterns are handmade from high quality authentic rice paper.

Paper lanterns are a very versatile and a cost effective way to light and/or decorate your home, office, party, event, festival and much more. Paper lanterns are available in a wide range of colours from pastel to vibrant colours as well as white. They can also be personalised by decorating them to make them unique for your home or event (i.e. wedding) etc.

Paper Lanterns

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We are always looking for innovative situations where our paper lanterns can be used to best effect and the latest suggestions is for livening up a window display. The idea can be used in all manner o...

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Planning a children’s party can be so much fun, but coming up with different ideas year in year out can also be a challenge. It isn’t always easy to predict the temperamental British weather, even in ...

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If you are a parent of school age children the summer term is jam packed full with events – summer fetes, sports days, proms, concerts and fundraisers. With longer days and warmer weather this is a ti...

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