LED lights for Paper Lanterns - Battery powered light with 12 super efficient LEDs

Quantity in pack: 1.
LED´s: 12 super efficient LED.
Size: 1.75" (42mm) W x 2.9" (73mm) L x 1.05" (27mm) H.
Batteries: 3 AAA (NOT Included).
Battery life: 12+ hours. Please note, after about 5 hours of use, LED light will start getting dimmer. The battery life indicated is based on using new quality batteries.
On/Off switch: Yes.
Replacable batteries: Yes.
Child security screw on battery cover: Yes.
Hanging cord: 10" (254mm) flexible hanging cord included.

Suitable for use with paper lanterns: From 8" to 48"
This battery powered light unit includes 12 ultra bright, super efficient LED´s that provides a white glow that is powerful enough for even our largest lanterns. The unit comes complete with a 10" (254mm) flexible cord for hanging, making attachment to the paper lantern very easy. This unit is 1.75" (42mm) W x 2.9" (73mm) L x 1.05" (27mm) H (Max), and is suitable for lanterns from 8" to 48" in diameter. Please note, this unit is the brightest battery powered light in our collection of battery powered LED lights. The unit takes 3 AAA batteries (not included). With quality batteries this unit will run for over 12 hours. This unit is suitable for illuminating paper lanterns from 8" to 48" Please note, after about 5 hours of use, LED light will start getting dimmer. These units are meant as an inexpensive solution for your evening function. Use several lights paired with white or coloured lanterns to create a brilliant design during your night-time festivities. Depending on your event you can either switch the units on when the sun goes down or you can switch them on before the event starts. All our battery powered LED lights feature replacable batteries so you can reuse them time and again. For weddings, parties, events and product launches where paper lanterns are mainly used as decorations; battery powered LED lighting units can easily be hung inside the paper lantern, to add some mood lighting to the event. While mains powered lights can also be used for weddings, parties, events, product launches etc. the simple solution is to simply hang battery powered LED lights inside the paper lantern.

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