Design your Perfect Venue

Using Paper Lanterns to decorate your party or wedding venue

Our paper lanterns have been used for many years to complement a wide variety of themes for weddings, parties, festivals and exhibitions. Many venues have tall, vast ceilings which can make a room, hall or marquee feel rather cold and uninviting. Our selection of paper lanterns is an affordable way to bring additional colour, style and even sparkle, to an otherwise bare expanse of ceiling.

Imagine your wedding day – the perfect location, a delicious wedding breakfast, the wedding party and guests dressed in their finery. All it takes for the celebration to be complete is a stunning space where you and your family and friends can enjoy the day until the small hours and the last dance.

For a large party or music event, our paper lanterns in striking colours with a touch of glitter will create a truly memorable atmosphere.

Design principles for Halls 

We often see two types of halls, those with vaulted ceiling and those with a normal ceiling.  We usually recommend that if you are decorating a

normal flat ceiling that you keep all the lanterns on the same level, whereas with a vaulted ceiling you can often vary the height to fill the space and give a stylish touch to the venue.


Colour Palette and Shades

Step 1 - Start with your colour palette and shades

For a traditional look for a wedding choose a complementary range of colours with the same tone, such as ivory, pink, mint, white and silver.

For a more vibrant look we have some dramatic fiesta colours including red, orange, navy, cinnamon and gold. Or why not choose contrasting shades – red with a fir green or simple black and white.

Colour Palette and Shades

Step 2 - Choose your preferred size of paper lanterns

The next decision is the size of the paper lanterns. You could choose a single size for a more uniform look or multiple sizes from 8”, 12”and 16” in diameter.

For very large spaces, particularly on stairwells or in long tall hallways go for even larger paper lanterns which are 20” and 24” in diameter.


Step 3 - Agree the Paper lanterns layout for the venue

For smaller marquees and halls, it is best to select a smaller size of lantern. For larger spaces you have more scope to mix and match the smaller sizes with some of our giant paper lanterns.

The rule of thumb is that the larger the paper lantern the fewer you need. For the smaller sizes we recommend 2-3 lanterns per 9 sq. m. For the largest size you may only need one or possibly 2 per 9 sq. m.


Step 4 - Look at the Paper lantern shape 

You will then need to decide whether to cover the whole ceiling with paper lanterns or to maybe focus on a central design or a particular shape. This will depend on the venue, the décor and the look you wish to achieve.


Step 5 - Paper lanterns hung at various heights

To complete the look, hang the lanterns at various heights ensuring neighbouring lanterns are at different levels to create a random effect. You have now created a perfect venue with our quality Paper Lanterns